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LG Leon

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Take beautiful selfies with the Gesture Shot on your LG Leon LTE

Take Beautiful Selfies, fast and easy

With the LG-exclusive Gesture Shot, you can use a simple hand gesture to take awesome selfies, without holding the phone. Just open and close your hand to start the shutter countdown.


Navigate faster with the rear key

When you hold the LG Leon LTE, the ergonomic rear key is directly under your index finger, making it easier to get to fast shortcuts and volume control.

Use the convenient rear key on the LG Leon LTE

Unlock your LG Leon LTE with a simple knock code

Lock and unlock your phone with just a few taps

With the LG-exclusive Knock Code™, you can lock and unlock your phone quickly. Just tap your personalized pattern anywhere on the display, even with one hand. There are more than 86,000 possible codes.


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